DIYplugins Affiliate Program

The DIYplugins affiliate program is available exclusively to top-tier marketers and influencers who operate in the WordPress and/or general website information space.

This program is not open to everyone, and you must meet these requirements for admission:

  • Be a DIYplugins customer with at least 1 active product license
  • Have at least one of the following:
    • Strong social media presence with over 1,000 engaged followers
    • Established website in the WordPress or general website space
    • Warm email list with at least 500 reasonable prospects

Why such strict requirements?

First, I want to know my affiliates personally. I’m not looking for the generic, uninspired promotion that has dominated the affiliate landscape for years—no one cares about another “5 Must-have WordPress Plugins” article.

Instead, I’m looking to support thoughtful, enthusiastic affiliates who sell with intent.

Second, I want you to have skin in the game, and this is why I require all affiliates to also be DIYplugins customers.

If you truly know the products, services, and people you promote, your recommendations will be as genuine as possible. Skin in the game is how we achieve this together.

Commissions and Cookies

  • 33% commission on the initial purchase
    • No commissions on renewals or upgrades (I earn these)
  • 7-day return cookie
    • Most sales happen within 3-4 visits in under 5 days
    • Last referral gets the commission

Want to join? Hit me up!

I set up all affiliates manually, so you need to contact me if you wish to join the DIYplugins affiliate program. To do this, either:

I look forward to working with you!